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hello wonderful being!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. My name is Igor (pronounced eye-gor). I am mostly human, from Earth. I am an idea shaman and artist of senses, entertainer, traveler, philosopher, storyteller, writer, artist, dreamer, maker, reiki master, aspriring barrel-rider and a bit of a wizard-in-learning to boot.

Currently I am traversing the great expanses of West Coast of North America: meeting new people, learning new things, sharing ideas and creations, making pretty and at times useful things, writing and generally having a good bit of fun in my own magical way.

On this website you can delve into some of my ongoing projects, be entertained by my past creations and contact me.

Currently, I am actively involved in these projects:

Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.


contact information

I am quite fond of communication and epistolary genre in particular. So it would be quite a pleasure for me to receive your letters. As I do not have a permanent residence and move quite a bit, it is difficult to maintain a reliable postal address. The best way to contact me is through email: info@igorbrezhnev.com.

One of more obscure ways of getting in touch with me is through Instagram at instagram.com/igorbrezhnev.

If I am on the road I may not respond right away, but I try to address every correspondence I receive as soon as I am stationary.

If you are interested in any of my projects or have particular questions related to operation of those projects please contact me and people working with me on respective project's website. This way if I am unavailable, you may get a response from someone who is helping me with that project.

Thank you!

support & donations

As an individual, I reduced my needs and I am quite happy with very little of quality things I use daily and enjoy. Most of my projects are set up to eventually support my needs, as well as create a way for the projects to grow and expand. Some of my endeavors cannot be or, from my point of view, should not be monetized. As such I still often find myself in need of money, a place to stay or certain physical items that would allow me to grow ideas faster and better.

First and foremost, beyond any physical means of support, please consider that sharing information about the projects, that I am involved in, is the greatest form of support. This way is available to anyone regardless their means. I am very thankful to you for sharing project website addresses, Facebook pages, blog posts with your friends.

Second, when you buy art prints, donate for an e-book, hire me for art direction and consulting or book me for an event, I get to eat and be able to have shelter which in turn enables me to continue learning, creating and sharing.

At last, some of my activities are not readily converted to monetary value and some are not likely to be converted at all. If you feel that you benefit by who I am and what I do, I welcome you to support me by donating money, physical items that I could use to create more interesting projects, and providing a place to stay. You can make a donation through PayPal by clicking on the link below.

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Thank you!

thank you!

These past years have seen me through many transformations, both beautiful and rough. I'd like to express my gratitude to all the amazing people that have supported me in my endeavors.

My friend, Rob, for always accepting me just as I am, no matter what odd adventure I am on, for your keen gift of listening and for helping me in every little way. None of these projects, and, indeed my well-being, would be possible without you: i thank you!

My friends, Tom & Linda, for shelter in storms and for nourishment for both body and soul, for all the knowledge, for all the patience, for being friends in all weather. You are an example to me of how to be better in many ways: I thank you!

My friend, Marie, for always being there with inspiration and advice through a decade of experience: I thank you!

My friend, Natasha, for being the transformative influence and constant source of inspiration to be better at everything I do: I thank you!

My friend, Nicole, for reiki, for safe spaces, for incredible aliveness and keen spirit: I thank you!

My friend, Christian, for constantly showing me how to be a better man and for constant reminders of well-being: I thank you!

All the wonderful people, that I've met in my travels, for kindness, shelter and nourishment, fun times, attentiveness, sharing, lessons and learning, openness: I thank you!

All of the people that have supported my projects in so many ways, for sharing the spark of these ideas, for taking these ideas beyond where I can: I thank you!

Thank you!